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Private In-Home Sessions

Each session is tailored to the unique interests, abilities and needs of the client in the comfort of their home! Students will learn self-regulation tools to manage anxiety, mobility exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation to better connect to the mind, body and heart. Each session is created for individuals to move and adjust at their own pace. 

Students will be able to strengthen their own personal practice and expand their knowledge of yoga.

We also work with teens and adults with varying challenges and abilities. 

*Self-direction is accepted from several agencies.

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Curriculum & Progress

Sessions are centered around the student's unique interests and abilities. Sessions have a structure and are adjusted to the student's needs at the time of the class. 

Connections take time and private sessions are a wonderful way to create that special, meaningful relationship. Overtime, we are proud to witness the progress and evolution of our clients.

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Patience &

An important part of yoga is being kind to ourselves, others, the world and our things. 

All sessions include set-up and clean up of the mat and props. Every instructor brings a sense of patience & compassion to the class. We understand that the student may have more challenging days and adjust the session to meet the needs of the individual.

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Movement, Breathwork
& Meditation

Yoga poses, movement, breath-work and meditation/mindful activities are an integral part of sessions. These help the student to calm their mind/body and teaches them tools to self-regulate in their daily life.

They also improve mobility/flexibility, increase focus and support an overall sense of confidence.  

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Music & Sound Healing

Sessions include props (blankets & blocks) to assist in exercises and create an accessible environment.

Music (if applicable) and games (if applicable) also allow for practice in listening, tons of fun and lots of silliness. Laughter is another great release and way to connect. 

Sound healing is also offered to students that are interested in a deeper, calming experience. (additional fees may apply for extended periods of sound healing).

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60 min session: $120
45 min session: $105
30 min session: $85
15 min session: $65

*Discounts available for two or more sessions


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*NOTE: Most sessions are 45 or 60 minutes, please¬†contact¬†Marissa at [email protected] to discuss special situations and exceptions.

Discount available for class packages.

Additional Student Fees:
3 - 5 Students: additional $25
6 - 9 Students: additional $40
10+ Students: additional $60

Add ons:

‚≠źMini¬†Mindful Craft¬† $15
‚≠źLarge¬†Mindful Craft¬† $25
‚≠źSound Healing¬†$50

‚≠źJournal & Self-Reflection Tools $25

‚ĚĆ Too busy to find a yoga class that fits your schedule or don't know what to expect?
‚ĚĆ Do you wish someone could walk you through the meditation process?
‚ĚĆ Do you need to PLAN you self-care and be held accountable?
‚ĚĆ Do you have an injury or challenge and aren't sure how to adjust your practice?
‚ĚĆ Are you feeling overwhelmed in therapy or other program?

Join me for LIVE one-to-one online yoga, meditation and coaching sessions to:
‚úÖ Reduce stress
‚úÖ Improve your health
‚úÖ Decrease anxious thoughts
‚úÖ Feel more confident in your decisions
‚úÖ Learn techniques & practices that fit YOUR lifestyle & compliment other therapy/improvement programs
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Make yourself a priority, set boundaries & rediscover who you are. 

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Letting Go

Deal with emotional pain, find ways to cope on & off the mat.

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Reduce anxiety, stress and that constant burnt out feeling.

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Rediscover & accept yourself. Create a practice that feels good.

15 min

30 min

45 min

60 min

Email Marissa to setup a discovery call [email protected] 

Yoga & Reflection Sessions Include:

Gentle Yoga
Self-Reflecting Activities
Weekly Check-Ins
Resources & More!

Common Themes:

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Anthony M.

"Marissa helped me feel more relaxed, which is rare since I am so busy with work. I now have tools to help me de-stress." 

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Jennifer D.

"The class is perfect for any skill level, including beginners. Marissa provides gentle movement and meditation which is perfect to unwind after a busy day with the kids. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace with my mind and body."


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Special July Package:


  • Access to ALL 4 kids yoga workshops ($60 value)
  • Adult Breath-work Video
    • Released on July 15th
  • Kids Yoga Bedtime Story ($20 value)
    • Released on July 15th
  • One free pass to an adult yoga workshop ($20 value)
    • Evening session in July of your choosing 

*Note that you will receive pre-recorded videos if live-sessions have expired.

Total Value: $115

Your special price: $55 per package; $20 for each additional sibling

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Enjoy a relaxing meditation to calm your mind & reset. 

Send me the video!
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Enjoy this fun yoga song, appropriate for ALL ages!

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