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“If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” -William H. McRaven
This never used to resonate with me, I did not think making my bed was a big deal for a number of reasons that ran deeper than laziness:
I did not make my bed daily because I thought:
👎I am too busy and have no time, I should get up and get moving with my day
👎My mom isn't here to see it (sorry, ma 🙃)
👎No one will see it and it will just get undone later (ESPECIALLY in lockdown)
👎If I make my bed I'll be forced to move the ball of laundry at the foot 🤫
Until now I didn't see the value in this simple chore until I realized it's NOT a chore, it's the first and simplest act of self-love I can do in the day. I'm not making it for others, I am making it for ME.
Making my bed means:
💗I am loving myself first
💗I am starting my day with a win (goal: make bed: ✅ )
💗I lower my stress, seeing a made bed feels and looks good when I walk in the room
💗I am giving myself and my dreams the respect they deserve when I return to sleep at night. (I wouldn't give a guest an unmade bed to sleep in, so why do I treat myself any less?)
The mindset in this act of self-care is a great stepping stone to the bigger stuff. If you do not do this regularly be aware that you will be tested, creating new habits takes time and our mind wants to keep us in the "norm" and can hold us back from changing. Do. It. Anyway. 🙏🏼
Drop a 🛏 below if this resonates. Do you make your bed daily? If not, try it out and let me know how you feel.
I know it can be challenging to carve out time for yourself, especially if you are creating a new habit. So I created a simple 3-Day gentle yoga & meditation digital series to help guide and ease you into making yourself a priority for just 20 minutes a day!
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