Epsom Salt Baths for Anxiety.

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2021
Have you been feeling:
😔 Heavy?
😞 Achy?
😔On edge?
😞Too busy to catch your breath?
For me, the weight of the world has been a bit heavier and I am grateful for my
Dr Teal's
epsom salt baths for a simple act of self-love.
💖 The aroma of the salts instantly puts me at ease
💖Soaking relaxes mind & body
💖My skin feels super smooth
💖It helps release toxins, tension and anxiety
💖It helps alleviate muscle aches & pains
💖Reduces inflammation
💖Improves sleep
I know I know, a bath takes a bit longer than a shower but aren't you worth it? I didn’t think the salts would be THAT much different than a regular bubble bath until I tried it. The calming effects are incredible!
🛁 Carve our 25 -35 minutes for yourself
🛁 Light a candle & play some soothing tunes (no podcasts, shows or audio books...this is YOUR time to focus on YOU)
🛁Add gentle bubble bath to the mix
How to incorporate the salts?
💜As the tub is filling up (this helps the salt to dissolve) add some of your soap and about a half cup of #epsomsalt (this is minimal…you can use 1 – 2 cups)
💜Before stepping foot in the water, breathe in the calming scents.
💜Then soak for about 20 minutes, breathing slowly (repeating the mantras)
💜If you feel called use the salts for a gentle massage
You can also mix the Epsom salt with your soap if you’re in the shower but soaking is encouraged and definitely adds to your meditation and sense of self (the more time you spend alone the more you connected you will feel).
Epsom salt baths are one of my non-negotiables for the week.
Are you a fan of Epsom salt baths? Drop a 🛁 below! What was your experience like? Any other tips?
Thinking of trying it? A small bag is not too expensive....you can find it at at your local pharmacy/grocery store for about $5 check locations with link below:
Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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