Feel ALL the Feels.

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

I’ve been going through some stuff, this year I have experienced loss & chapters ending in different ways….big and small….through work, my grandmother passing and relationships (romantic and friendly). Some of it was by choice; some was beyond my control, some just naturally ended/drifted. No matter the details they have all resulted in empty pockets in my life. Some holes are tiny, barely noticeable, while others are craters…completely shaking my world. If you’re going through something or experiencing some type of loss, please remember:

❤️ It’s ok NOT be ok. It’s ok to feel sad, mad or frustrated and it’s normal for those feelings to come in waves. Don’t fight it, it’s your life and you can cry if you want to!

❤️ Don’t feel guilty for feeling any certain way and don’t compare yourself to others. Your story is YOUR story.

❤️ There’s ALWAYS a lesson, even if you don’t see it now…it will come.

❤️ Honor and appreciate the person or experience for being part of your journey.🙏🏼

❤️ Being honest and dealing with ALL of your feelings takes (quiet) time and courage. (You can handle it, don’t run away!)

❤️ MOVE YOUR BODY! Moving gives you natural endorphins and serotonin (happy hormones) and helps release the stress tension

❤️ Talk it out, rally your troops and let them know you need extra support (partners, friends, family, therapist)

❤️ Suppressing your feelings will only create more anxiety and physical side effects (My IBS is VERY related to how I’m feeling emotionally!)

❤️ Distractions only last so long, the truth always comes out and the sooner the better. Avoiding your pain results in it leaking into other areas of your life and will probably show up randomly and unintentionally.⏰ 💣

❤️ With pain comes strength, we are forever growing and evolving ((hugs))

❤️ It’s ok to smile and feel joy. Just because something sad or not so great happened doesn’t mean it has to dictate your life, you deserve to be happy.

❤️ Don’t rush the process but start to find things that fill you up. Taking action (big or small) makes you feel a sense of control. You know my go to and saving grace is yoga, meditation and journaling.

How do you cope?


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