Small Steps WILL Flip The Script!

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Small steps will flip the script. Trying to change old patterns & adopting healthier ones can be overwhelming. When you are fed up you are fueled to make moves & take on a BIG adjustment.

🤨 You don’t move at all or eat right & then add a daily 75min workout & juicing.
🤨 You never stop, grab phone when you wake, spiral through & then try to meditate 90 min every day at sunrise.

These are GREAT goals but going from 0-100 in a short time will most likely lead to: ▪️Burn out:doing too much too fast and giving up
▪️Guilt:unrealistic goals make you feel bad when you don’t meet them
▪️Victim Mentality:You’ve tried, nothing works & you feel more stuck than before ▪️Unaligned:extremes don’t last, even if laser focused on that thing you’re most likely neglecting other areas of your life, shifting the issue.

Start slow to create a balanced life:
❇️  Journal:a few minutes when you wake up in the morning.Brain dumping helps you get clear on what you really want & release any stress that comes up as you go about your day & embark on your new goals.
❇️  Be patient:I know you want it NOW but you want to change your lifestyle not a quick fix & that takes time and nurturing. Pace yourself, set small goals and build from there.If you’re getting into meditation, start with a few minutes a day. It takes about three weeks to create a new habit, stick with it.💪
❇️  Expect pushback:your mind likes to keep you safe & comfortable and will try to stop you from making changes it’s not used to. Be aware of this as it WILL come up (I’m tired,I’m too old,I can’t because…)but let it go and remind yourself of why you want these shifts.
❇️  Make your own rules: Look at this as fun & experiment.What works for me may not work for you.I like mediating in the morning but if you know your mornings are crazy and only find peace in your office, then meditate in your office! There’s no right or wrong, go with what feels good for you.
❇️  CELEBRATE.EVERY.VICTORY:you’re willing to change 👏 celebrate! You’re aware & ready to take steps to improve your life. As you start this adventure keep focusing on the wins. Even if you didn’t meet your goal, you’re further than when you started.

Future you➡️😊

How do you take small steps?


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