Stop Settling, Crumbs Won't Feed Your Soul.

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

We tend to settle for less when we’re not in a good place. When we’re not coming from love and taking care of ourselves (mentally, physically & spiritually) it’s easy to spiral and make quick fixes to whatever is going on.

This leaves us feeling empty, unfulfilled and searching/wanting more.

What does that look like?

😳You’re always tired (putting everything before you is exhausting).
😳You complain about your job (A LOT)
😳You live in the past (I wish I had done this....If I hadn’t done that…)
😳You think more than you do (Someday I’ll…)
😳You justify your lack of luster because you see other people not living their fullest life (no one else seems happy…so this must be normal).
😳You blame other people
😳You live with a knot in your stomach
😳You have a long list of excuses for not taking care of yourself

💩 happens, and there will be times of pain but that is not a reason to give up and settle for less than you deserve or want in your life. Take the time to do the work and you will live with a more peaceful mind as you make moves forward in your purpose.

💕Prioritize Yourself: Fill your calendar with the things you ABSOLUTELY need to feel alive. That may mean getting up earlier, canceling on friends or asking for help but your well-being must come first.

💕Take Action: Constant complaining doesn’t help anyone. If work or anything else is that bad consider other options and make moves to get there. Even the smallest action brings hope that things will improve.

💕Live in the now: learn from your past (and take responsibility for it), plan for the future (that you truly want) but live for TODAY. There’s so much to appreciate and experience in the present moment, don’t let your spinning take it away from you.

💕Trust your gut: those knots are talking to you. Something is off and it’s your job to figure out what’s up.

Don’t settle for less because it's easy or you don't think you're worth it. Don't be ok with instant satisfaction if it means sacrificing your values/what you really want. Don’t stay in the safe zone because you’re too scared to take the leap. Don’t add more distractions as an excuse not to deal. Don’t chug along because everyone else is doing it.

You know better, because deep down you know YOU deserve to have it all. 


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